Friday, January 13, 2012

Other way of ART!

For those who are wondering where have I gone and what the h*** am I doing with my live... I´ll tell them just two words:

The thing is that when I came to Spain and my degree was completely finish, and after enjoying the wonderful spanish summer, I didn´t know how to continue.

The situation here in Spain is quite more complicated that in Sweden and specially for the young people. Despite my knowledge of graphic design was poor, I always like it a lot, and I decided to dig into it. And I´m really happy with my decision.

However it is being a really tough and stressful year, this is the main reason why I haven´t wrote before. We are working a lot, spanish masters degrees are different from europe´s. The lesson´s duration is just one year and then you´ll start a internship.This means that we are learning everything we have to know about graphic design in jut one year. I guess now is easy to understand why I´m so stressed.

We have done plenty of works and I´ll show you my best. However in the future we will make our own personal web page, and it´ll be better for showing all my work.

For those who don´t know the main difference of art and design, telling them that the design is art that can be reproduce all the times you want.

There´s a lot more specifications about graphic design but this is the main one.

Attached to this post I pasted one of the works I made, an infographic of the Graphic Design´s history. Sorry that is is spanish, but it´s easy to understand. Hope you enjoy it.

Instead of using blogger viewer, open it in a new window and it´ll be easier to look closer.


  1. Congratulations. You explain very well all you've done, and you know make it sound interesting. Good job! I'm proud of you. With love from the good =)

  2. wonderful to hear from you! keep up the good work/p