Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A new book...

I´ve just received a new book that I bought in Amazon because it seems to be very interesting for my project.

It´s not the first book I read since I started this project, the other was a smaller one but also with a lot of useful information. In fact, some of the thoughts that I´ve written are based in the other book. That book is: "More than a Label".

The thing is that this book although it has a lot of interesting things, it´s oriented to principaly highschool´s people in USA. And the label thing it´s not only a problem of the teenagers, it´s true that in the high school it´s when it becomes to start. Maybe this teen thing implicit in the book it´s because it´s been written by a sixteen years-old girl. By the by, a very smart girl.

So, looking through the internet I found this new book, that apart that it´s written by a sociologist women, for the moment, it seems to be more focus on people from different ages and countries. Somehow i´ll be informing you about what interesting things I´m reading in this new book. I hope it´ll interested you as much as it does to me.

(Also the cover it´s really nice, isn´t it?)

Curious fact of the day: The name of Brugges (that fantastic city of Belgium) in spanish it´s Brujas that literally means witches. The spanish name of this town in northem Belgium has its origins in the Spanish presence in Flanders, a few centuries ago. At that time, and yet is still made, was very fashionable to translate all the names so that their pronunciation was a little bit more affordable for the spanish. So when the soldiers of the spanish troops arrived in this lands and heard the name in Flemish /Dutch, which is Brugge decided that because it was "similar"(everything is subjective in this life) Brugge would become Brujas in the spanish maps.

So the spanish name has no association with any property of the city. By contrast, the name in Dutch/ Flemish does. Brugge derives from Bruggen, that means bridges, and this that could see everyone who has visited the city it´s something that surrounds you in the streets of Brugges.

Now, I feel a little unconfortable every time I pronounce the name of this city in spanish.

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