Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Labels are like the back of a book, a brief summary

LABEL: A word used to define or make assumptions about an individual. Labels are usually based on how someone looks, dresses, acts or talks - or who the person hangs out with.

Well, this is exactly the subject of my project. I thing that nowadays it´s a very interesting topic because it is present anywhere in the world, specially in the young people. And why not take advantage of this subject and convert it into an artistic project? I will explain how...

Labels. They´re everywhere. You hear them at school and out in the world. They´re part of our language. Labels are so fixed in everyday speech that you may not even think twice about them.

The aim of social labels are exclude, and differing from the others. It´s like a necessity, which we have become accustomed. Is no longer a way of reclaiming the acceptance of something that should be acepted naturally, but it´s not about being different, and different you know, it´s scary. Fear of exclusion, fear of not belonging to our reference groups, or fear of belong to those who we despised, in many cases, without any objectivity.

On the surface, labels seem to simplify the process of getting to know other people. You don´t even have to meet the person who´s being labeled - the label you´ve heard is the only introduction you need...or is it?

So, the thing it´s that the people tend to be scared of diging deeper and find out more about a person who is different. People are scared of what they don´t know. Partly. we label to try to make life simpler. We skip the part about getting to know someone and go straight to making assumptions. This saves us the trouble of connecting an individual identity with every individual. It actually sounds silly- we don´t have enough time to get to know someone?
It´s true also, that as human beings, we like to put things into categories so they´re easier to understand and communicate about. We categorize our to-do lists.

Does lebeling actually simplify- or does ir make more complicated? In some ways, it does both. That´s what makes labeling so confusing.

"They´re just labels. What´s on the label is not what´s in the package."

Curious fact of the day: The croquettes are originally from France, from there went to Holand where it has become tremendously popular, in Spain and Portugal with less success, other european countries with varying levels of popularity. However my french flatmate had never eaten or even heard of them...

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  1. ¿Y que ha dicho sobre el origen de las Croquetas Isa?