Sunday, October 10, 2010

While I am listening to "The Kooks"...

While I am listening to "The Kooks" are coming a lot of things that I would like to write here...But I must do it little by little and with a good organization, so I take this first entrance as a brief introduction of myself and of what I expect from this blog.

At first, telling that I had never had concern about blogging and less in english. (so please sorry if my english it´s not correct, I must improve it)The thing it´s that I am a spanish erasmus student in Sweden, and this it´s my last and fifth year of degree: Fine Arts.

In this blog I would like to explain a lot of things of the project that I´m developing now, and another projects that I have done in the past, although they are not complete.

Of the project that I´m developing it´s good the thing that it´s starting now thus I can be explaining step by step during the year. Also I will be writing things that inspire me day by day, maybe not concerning my project, but also future projects.

Why I named "The Kooks"?Because they have colaborate as a inspiration to me as a little part of the whole idea behind the project that I have talked about. The reason?...You will discover it.


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  2. I will expecting your next post anxiously