Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An old project: Ex-pressive portraits

"What we call contemporary portrait can be understood as a result of a neccessary evolution: the search for other plastic and expressive resources to enable the paint to continue to represent people in a time when the subject and art have been seriously questioned."
Based on previous thoughts my personal proposal is based in a series of paintings, whose main element is the face, and moreover the paint contains other pictorial elements. In this way I used other resources: plastic and expressive, specially patches of different colors and densities that add personality and beauty to the paint. In this way the paintings are composed by two main parts: one figurative and the other abstract-gesture.
Thus, starting of my own pictures of people around me, I made a series of tretments to the image that make it very simple: in black and white, with a very distinc surfaces without gray. In this way it´s easyly to include the portrait without clash with the other parts of the paint, that are more expressive.

To choose the photos I use a criterion which is dominated by photographs that emphasize expressions showing the feeling and everyday life. In this way the portraits look also express the personality of the person through a tiny fragment of time in which that person was herself.

"Elena", 130 x 43 cm. Acrylic and marker on canvas.

"Laura", 116 x 89 cm. Acrylic and pen on canvas.

"Laura y Azahara", 130 x 97 cm. Acrylic and marker on canvas.

"María", 130 x 43 cm. Acrylic and marker on canvas.

"Collado", 116 x 89 cm. acrylic and pen on canvas.


  1. Me gusta lo que pones al principio, eso es algo que distingue a tu blog de otros, a eso me refería!

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